All Renli units are covered with a one (1) year parts warranty. Parts shall be free from manufacturer defects for one year. Warranty guidelines and requirements:

  • Owner must properly use, maintain, and care for their unit as defined in the Owner's Manual INCLUDING following the break in period.
  • Owner must service their unit as defined in the Owner's Manual.
  • Owner must maintain all service records of work performed to their unit.
  • Only an authorized Renli dealer or service center can perform warranty repairs.
  • Periodic service and inspections are considered regular maintenance and are not reimbursable.
  • All warranty repairs require authorization by Renli/Shift Motorsports.
  • All Renli Products require a dealer pre-delivery inspection to ensure proper operation, safety, and warranty validation.
  • Warranty starts from date of purchase by the consumer from their Renli dealer.
  • Vehicle must be registered by the Renli Dealer the unit was purchased through within 5 days of purchase.
  • ANY modifications aside from cosmetic alterations void the warranty. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will warranty parts or labor be issued for unauthorized alterations to the following, but not limited to: Intakes, Wheels/Tires, Brakes, Exhaust, Electrical, Motor, EFI. Altering these stock components can cause undue stress or cause damage to the unit that can cause the unit to fail or injury or even death to the user.
    Clutches, Battery, Spark Plugs, Cables, Drive Belts, Air Filters, Front / Rear Brake Pads, Bushings, Ball Joints , Light Bulbs, Fuses, Rubber Parts, Front / Rear Tires, Front / Rear Rims, Gear / Engine Oil, Front / Rear Brake Rotors, Bearings, Floor Boards / Plastics / Window / Roof / Fuel Filters / Steering Wheels, Motor Mount Bushings, Wear and Tear parts, Water damage, wrecked components, racing or modified parts.


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