The wait is over!!

We have good news. Both the RL1100 4x4 and the RL1500 4x4 have passed all of their EPA tests and the results have been sent to the EPA for certification. We are hoping to get the issued certificate within 2-4 weeks.

We Are Accepting Renli Unit Orders -We are now accepting orders and deposits for all dealers and retail customers looking to get buggies on the first order. If you submit an order and deposit by the end of the day (6PM Central) Friday, July 15, 2016, we will guarantee you a buggy on this first shipment. You will also be able to pick factory options and colors like a 3500lb winch and power steering.

Orders submitted after July 15 will still be guaranteed a unit on this first shipment but color will be on a first come basis up to the point where all of the buggies on this shipment have been sold. Additional orders will still be accepted, but will be guaranteed on the next shipment which will arrive shortly after the first one. We have lots of units coming!
If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact us.

We will be submitting our order to the factory on July 15 so they can begin production. Once the EPA grants our certification, our first shipment will arrive about 20 days later.

Renli Parts Availability -We will have a parts shipment coming in at the beginning of August as well and will have everything ready to go and ship out wherever needed. If you currently own another model of Renli buggy and need parts, let us know. We are able to supply parts for any and all Renli buggies.

New Standard Features on the Renliā€™s -The RL1500 4x4 will come standard with EFX Moto Claw 30x10-14 tires and EFX M20 KORE 14" rims.
All Renli models will come standard with Amsoil fluids, Amsoil Coolant and UNI Air Filters

Online PresenceOur new website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel up and going. Check us out.





Dealer Opportunities -
We are currently seeking USA dealers. Please contact us for details.

817-573-3953 (M-F 10am-6pm)

Make it a great weekend and stay safe this 4th!
Staff - Renli